Web-scraping framework written in Javascript

At some point you would probably want to scrap out some information from a webpage. This is quite easy to do using dynamic programming languages (PHP, Java) but not so easy achieving it in JavaScript. Thats why, I think that sharing this JavaScript library is a great idea. Basically, pjscrape (the name of the framework) is a command-line tool for web scraping built to run with Phantom.js and allows you to scrape pages in a fully render, JavaScript-enabled context from the command-line (no browser required).

Lets enumerate some features of the framework. Its totally client-side, with full access to jQuery functions. Its easy, flexible for setting up one or more scrappers. There are options for recursive/crawl scraping and you can delay the scrape until a “ready” condition occurs. You can load your own scripts before scraping having a modular architecture for logging and writing scraped items.

Web-scraping framework written in Javascript

Web scraping using JavaScript

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