JavaScript URL manipulation library

URL.js is a small but awesome JavaScript URL library for working with URLs. It provides a jQuery style API (meaning that it has a fluent interface, method chaining) to read and write all regular components and number of convenience methods including .directory() or .authority().

This JavaScript URL library offers a simple but yet powerful way of working with query strings, provides a number of URI-normalization functions and can convert relative/absolute paths. To understand this better, look at the example provided bellow.

    .addSearch("hello", "mars")
        // -> ?hello=world&hello=mars
    .addSearch({ foo: ["bar", "baz"] })
        // -> ?hello=world&hello=mars&foo=bar&foo=baz
    .removeSearch("hello", "mars")
        // -> ?hello=world&foo=bar&foo=baz
        // -> ?hello=world

JavaScript URI library

JavaScript URL manipulation library

Download URL.js

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