Tooltip your images with iPicture

Ok, so I did a small search and saw that there are a lot of image tooltip plugins and most of them work on hover and retrieve information from the HTML alt tag. The fact is that this image tooltip plugins don’t offer a lot of configuration options and mainly they just display a small bubble on different positions next to the image.

iPicture is a image tooltip plugin but on a different level offering a different type of implementation. Basically, with iPicture you can create interactive pictures that have extra descriptions. The image tooltip plugin comes with drag’n’drop functionality for placing and setting up the tooltips on the image. You just need to move the points around (points come in different colors and styles, you can easily add new ones yourself) and get the code to initialize the plugin.

The image tooltip plugin works with every image size, images being defined in a list or in div elements. iPicture is also compatible with slideshows and sliders and needs only a few configuration steps to run everywhere.

Tooltip your images with iPicture

Image tooltip jQuery plugin

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