Simpler way of using Ajax

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There are a great number of JavaScript frameworks that can simplify the way of using ajax and wrapping them into a cross-browser function and AjaxML is one of them. Its a jQuery plugin actually that can simplify Ajax requests even more and handle complex requests also.

To make it work, you need to define the details of the requests inside HTML attributes like “a href=”hello.html” into=”htmlElement” and the hello page will load inside the HTML element you set it.

Attributes exists for sending parameters, request methods, validation, history and more and we must say that AjaxML has its pros and cons. Its very good for newbies that are not that good at JavaScript but also has its minus, being hard to maintain in larger projects due to not being able to view/organize requests into a single JS.

Simpler way of using Ajax

Simplify Ajax requests

View AjaxML

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