Open Source HTML5 Rich text editor

Today we are going to talk about a HTML5 Rich text editor called wysihtml5. Coming as an Open Source tool, the text editor is based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. The editor is using a sophisticated security concept aiming to generate fully HTML5 markup preventing inline styles and unmaintainable tags.

The HTML5 text editor comes with some great features like: fast and lightweight(smaller than TinyMCE, Aloha, etc), it automatically links URLs as you type, it generates valid and semantic HTML5 makrup, uses class names instead on inline styles, Unifies line break handling across browsers, uses sandboxed iframes to prevent identity theft, has speech input for Chrome and does not require jQuery.

P.S: Current browser support is : Firefox 3.5+, Chrome, IE 8+, Safari 4+, Safari on iOS 5+, Opera 11+

Open Source HTML5 Rich text editor

HTML5 Rich text editor

View wysihtml5

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