JavaScript MVC framework from Google – AngularJS

HTML is used mainly for static documents, but what happens if you try to declare dynamic views in your web application. Well, you need a sort of model/view/controller JavaScript framework and Google has provided a great one. AngularJS is the name and lets you easily extend HTML vocabulary for your applications. The result is extraordinarily expressive, quick to develop and readable.

Let us detail AngularJS a bit. Being a toolset for building the framework of your application development, its fully extensible working great with other libraries. Its highly customizable, every feature can be easily modified or replaced to suite your workflow. Working great with other technologies, AngularJS lets you add as much or little code to an existing page as you like. Due to the fact that this JavaScript MVC framework doesn’t has global state, multiple applications can run on a single page without the use of iframes.

Also, AngularJS comes with dependency injection, allowing you to declaratively describe how your application is wired meaning that your applications doesn’t need a main() method to work. The JavaScript MVC framework also allows testing. It encourages behavior-view separation coming pre-bundled with mocks taking full advantage of dependency injection. It also provides end-to-end scenario runner eliminating test flakiness. AngularJS is also great documented for easier learning.

JavaScript MVC framework from Google – AngularJS

JavaScript MVC framework from Google

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