Minimit: Build galleries, slideshows, slides, and more

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Minimit is a jQuery plugin that helps you build custom galleries, slideshows, carousels, slides, buttons and practically anything that has multiple states.

This plugin is a great fit for designers and developers that want to build their own custom galleries or slideshows because this plugin covers all the backend logic required. Keep in mind that all the animations and the CSS must be coded by yourself. This jQuery gallery plugin also has a number of options that control the callbacks and interactions on every level.

To understand better this plugin, a guide is provided (version 1.0) that could help you build your first gallery. The browser support for this plugin (IE6+, FF, Safari and Chrome – JavaScript must be enabled). Minimit is licensed under MIT so it’s free for use in your projects.

Minimit: Slideshows, galleries, carousels Examples

Minimit: Build galleries, slideshows, carousels

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