jQuery tooltip plugin: Poshy Tip

Not long ago, I was searching for nice jQuery tooltip plugin for a project that I’ve worked on. Found many, but none that I could use for more than one functionality (tooltip for links, inputs or on demand).

Recently I found an awesome jQuery tooltip plugin called PoshyTip that offers a lot of customization parameters and also looks cool. Using Poshy, you can easily position the tips relative to the mouse cursor or target the element and align the tooltip in every possible way (horizontally or vertically).

But this jQuery tooltip plugin doesn’t stop here. You can also update the content asynchronously (the plugin passes an update callback function as an argument) after it was displayed and also load up images (cool heh?). If don’t want the tooltip to be showed on hover, the jQuery tooltip plugin provides methods to show/update/distroy/disable or enable the tooltip.

Poshy can also be used on live events, meaning you can add tooltips on elements that are inserted in the DOM with a custom function, and this is done by simply adding the “liveEvents: true” option. Poshy jQuery tooltip plugin provides great documentation that can be found here

jQuery tooltip plugin: Poshy Tip

jQuery tooltip plugin: Poshy

View PoshyTip

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