jQuery scroll plugin – Page Scroller

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I blogged a couple of days or weeks ago about a jQuery scroll plugin called Scrollorama that enabled you to easily create eye-candy effects on your pages animating elements when scrolling at its position.

Today, searching for a custom made jQuery scroll plugin I came across Page Scroller. This jQuery scroll plugin is similar to Scrollorama but adds different functionality to your pages. Using Page Scroller, you can add an elegant navigation with a smooth scrolling functionality on click.

To help you understand and capture your interest in this plugin, you will have a navigation with a fix position (meaning it will automatically follow you when scrolling) and clicking on your navigation links a scrolling effect will be applied and you will go to the specific element.

Implementing the plugin is quite easy and all you have to do is set up the wrapper and sections. Page Scroller also comes with icons, menu positioning options and up/down arrows for better user experience.

jQuery scroll plugin – Page Scroller

jQuery scroll plugin - Download & Demo

Page Scroller – Download & Demo

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    It looks great plugin for Jquery scroll. Actually it is hard to find out plugins for JQuery.Thanks for sharing.Can you share some more functionality other than Scrollorama.

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