jQuery plugin for modal boxes and popups

There are a lot of jQuery plugins for making modal boxes or popups out there and Avgrund is a new one. Using an interesting concept showing depth between the popup and page, the jQuery modal plugin works great in all major browsers degrading gracefully in those that don’t support it (those that don’t support CSS3 transitions or transformations). Lightweight (under 2kb) and released under MIT license, the plugin been tested and works with jQuery 1.4+.

To make the plugin work you need to link the CSS file (avgrund.css in our case) and simply trigger the element you want using the “.avgrund()” method. The modal plugin also provides several options for customization like: width or height, show the close button, close the popup using the esc key, set the holder class, blur plus other great options.

jQuery plugin for modal boxes and popups

jQuery modal box plugin


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