jQuery image effect on hover done easily

When you have a great designed website, you don’t need to add any strong effects to impress your users but when you don’t … meh… catching users attention on different parts of the site is quite hard to do. Most effects are usually done by jQuery or similar JavaScript plugins and today we are going to present such a plugin, an jQuery image effect plugin called Adipoli.

Basically, this jQuery image effect plugin creates beautiful effects on images when hovering them. Using a simple function, you can choose the start effect (can be normal, transparent or overlay) and all the images (or the specific images you want to add the effect too) will become less catchy until you hover them.

The jQuery image effect plugin has a list of 20+ built-in transition effects you can chose from and also provides serious configuration for those who want to experiment. The jQuery image effect plugin requires jQuery obviously and also a small CSS file.

jQuery image effect on hover done easily

jQuery image effect plugin

View Adipoli

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