jQuery countdown plugin for your project

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Well, from now and then everyone needs a countdown timer on their website (at least I used it a couple of times), and if you have a nice and simple plugin that does this job for you it’s even better. Today, we will take a peak at jQuery countdown plugin. Basically, this does all the jobs for you instead of coding your countdown plugin yourself.

In small terms, this jQuery plugins sets a div/span element to show a countdown to a specific time. The functionality can be easily added to a element with default settings, but keep in mind you need to set up the target time.

You also can use images instead of text and it’s also possible to count up instead of counting down. You have options to stop, play or pause (like a lap time) the countdown and even resuming it. This jQuery countdown plugins also supports Callbacks per tick or on time expire. The bonus part is that this jQuery countdown plugin supports over 40 localizations :)

jQuery countdown plugin

View/Download jQuery countdown plugin

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