jQuery contextMenu plugin

This jQuery contextMenu plugin was build for web applications that require menus with a large number of objects. Unlike other implementations, this contextMenu plugin treats the menu as the primary objects, meaning that a single menu defined can be used by multiple objects. Also, this plugin doesn’t need to bind itself to trigger objects allow injection or removing triggers without having to re-initialize or update contextMenu.

The plugin, can also provide a simple list of clickable commands or even offer a in-menu form. Once the menu has been registered, it cannot be altered (no commands can be added or removed from the menu). This allows contextMenu to keep a simple definition in memory enabling to work with many trigger objects. This jQuery contextMenu plugin also offers a lot of features like:

  • trigger contextMenu with right-click, left-click, hover or own custom trigger events
  • delegated event handling removing the need for re-initialization when trigger objects are added / removed
  • dynamic on-demand menu creation
  • optional icons for commands
  • input elements (text, textarea, checkbox, radio, select) within the menu
  • custom html elements (command free)
  • show/hide callbacks to update the state of commands
  • small memory footprint even with hundreds of trigger objects
  • adjust position of menu to fit in viewport
  • enable / disable commands
  • nested sub-menus
  • full keyboard interaction
  • HTML5 “menu” support
  • CSS is for styling, javascript is not…

jQuery contextMenu plugin

jQuery contextMenu plugin

Download contextMenu Plugin Demos

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