jQuery collapse lightweight plugin

jQuery collapse is a lightweight plugin that offers you the possibility to easily expand or collapse content. jQuery collapse was build to be the solution for a widely adopted interface pattern (also known as progressive disclosure). The jQuery collapse plugin includes a large number of features like cookie persistence, ARIA compliance and its designed to be both flexible and modular so that it can be used in different scenarios.

Lets talk a little bit about the jQuery collapse plugin features. So, first of all, the plugin comes with cookie support. This means that it will automatically remember what you left visible, and what not (you need to include the jQuery cookie plugin to make it work). Its lightweight! And by lightweight we mean that it has less than 600 bytes (0.6KB) when compressed. The jQuery collapse plugin has also been tested on different browsers and works great with IE6+, FF3+, Chrome5+, Safari4+, Opera10+ (degrades gracefully in unsupported browsers). Last, jQuery collapse, due to its flexibility, can be customized easily. Options include custom callbacks.

jQuery collapse lightweight plugin

jQuery collapse plugin

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