JavaScript touch event controller plugin

Ok, so the JavaScript touch event plugin is called Hammer.js and its a JavaScript library that requires JQuery to work. It can easily be used to control gestures on any touch device. The JavaScript touch events supported by Hammer.js are: Tap, Double Tap, Hold, Drag and Transform. Evey touch event returns callbacks as event, position and touches but every separate touch event returns also other callback objects like for example the Drag touch event will also return Angle, Direction and Distance.

The JavaScript touch event plugin is very lightweight (having only 2kb). Hammer.js has been tested on iPad1 with iOS5, iPhone4 with iOS5, Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.3.3 and Google Chrome 17. On a desktop browser the mouse can be used to simulate touch events with one finger. On Android 2 the default browser and Firefox 10 doesn’t support multi-touch events, so there’s no transform callback on Android. Firefox 1.1 (Nokia N900) and Windows Phone 7.5 doesnt support touch events, and mouse events are badly supported.

Bellow is a small print with what exactly is supported and where.

JavaScript touch event controller plugin

JavaScript touch event handler

View Hammer.js

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