JavaScript framework similar to CoffeScript

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Similar to CoffeScript, LiveScript (the library we are presenting today) is a language that compiles down to JavaScript forked from Coco which is derived from the know JavaScript library CoffeScript. Being similar, LiveScript is relatively straightforward mapping to JavaScript but much more compatible with CoffeeScript, more functional and more feature rich. The main goal of this library being to increase expressiveness and code beauty.

Adding features to assist in functional style programming, LiveScript also deeply supports imperative and object oriented programming having an exceptional class system with inheritance, calls to super and much more. To define it a bit, LiveScript uses whitespace to delimit blocks of code, semicolons not being required to terminate expressions if you have a new line and the end.

The library itself is well documented so learning or implementing it shouldn’t be hard for someone with CoffeeScript experience. Some demos are also provided to make your job easier.

JavaScript framework similar to CoffeScript

JavaScript library similar to CoffeeScript

View LiveScript

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