Interactive guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3

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Today I present to you guys an jQuery plugin that uses CSS3 to create interactive visual guides to elements from your website pages. So, instead of cluttering your interface with static help messages, you can easily use pageguide and let users learn about new features and functions the cool way.

Pageguide is quite easy to install and you can make it work in just 4 small steps. First two steps include the adding on pageguide to your website (adding the JavaScript and CSS files). The 3rd step requires to initialize the jQuery plugin on document ready with just a few lines of code (example provided on demo page). Step 4 includes related to the selector you specify in the “ul” you put on your pages to make the plugin work. Thats it! More configuration options on plugins web page.

Interactive guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3

Interactive page guide jQuery plugin

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