P2P communications using JavaScript

When you own a big multiplayer site or just a simple site with connexions trough users, implementing a structure to let them chat between, play games or share documents can be quite tricky to do. Peerbind offers a simple solution for this. How? Great question.

Peerbind is a new method of event binding that can convert a simple webpage or website intro a massive interconnected website. The plugin adds an event listener to an element, but the triggered events will be shared with all visitors in the peerset (can be narrowed to users with same IP, Geo-locations, etc).

P2p communications plugin example

P2P communications plugin

In fact, this plugin is more as an API (a jQuery one). On their site you can find a public free server to use for testing purposes and last but not least this p2p communications plugin is offered with an Amazon license for a more stable and customized usage.

View/Download P2P Communication plugin

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