HTML5 motion with KinectJs

Ok, surely most of us have xbox or playstation at home for chilling stuff, and if you have xbox, you might have Kinect also. Today I’ll show you a small but awesome JavaScript library called KinectJS that allows you to control different stuff using the new power of HTML5 (you must have Kinect).

First, lets start with the requirements. To make Kinect your with your PC you must have Kinect SDK 1.0 or Kinect SDK BETA 2 and a comptabile browser (Chrome 15+/FireFox 10+). After you install the drivers, check the Microsoft demos to get you started (more details on library’s website).

Second … lets see the features.

  • Provide motion tracking for up to 2 people at the same time
  • 20 joints tracked for each skeleton, and two extra parameters of data (height, joints length etc)
  • Stream RGB (640×380) and Depth data (320×240), even simultaneously
  • Control the motor through JS
  • Take snapshots and save them locally
  • Predefined gestures (swipe, jump, escape etc)
  • Listening for specific URL calls, one can for example use his cellphone that way as an extra controller
  • Cursor object
  • The ability to track joints, relative to the player’s body, or absolute to Kinect’s Field of View.
  • Modal and notifications plugins
  • Framework agnostic ( does not have any external dependencies )
  • Chrome and Firefox support

To see the power of KinectJS, check the funny video above (remember Duckhunt? great times).

The Duckhunt game can be also played without Kinect here. Other great demos can be found on the library homepage.

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