HTML text effects done easily

The web is full of effect related jQuery plugins and today we are going to present one as well. This is a HTML text effects JavaScript library that works great alongside jQuery (you can make it work without jQuery but is easier with it). The JavaScript is called Dynamo and provides a dead-simple way to generate dynamic bits of HTML adding subtle HTML text effects.

Implementing this HTML text effects library is quite easy involving just little setup. You simply need to wrap the text you want to add the effect to into a container, specify the lines you want to cycle through and start the engine using $(“#target”).dynamo().

Unfortunately, Dynamo is limited to a series of options. You can chose the data-lines (the bits of text separated by comma that you want to cycle), the data-speed (the speed of the text transitions, default is 350ms), the data-delay (the delay time between text bits, default is 3000ms) and the data-center option (center the text in the dynamo container, default is set to false). There are some demos on Dynamo’s page that can be checked here.

HTML text effects done easily

HTML text effects done easily

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