Flexible navigation jQuery plugin

If you ever wanted to add a smart navigation panel on the right of your page, this jQuery plugin is just what you need! Flexible navigation is used to improve a web page navigation helping to visualize different sections of a document, article of any other element on your page.

The usage of this flexible navigation jQuery plugin is very simple! It can generate for you the nav sidebar content and provide elements to display in navigation. Used in default mode, it uses the H1 and H3 elements to retrieve and locate sections of a document. The default mode can be overwritten anytime.

Usually, you have two kind of elements to select. A title (the link will take title as text) or to select any container and add a “data-navtext” attribute to define the title you want.

Flexible navigation example

var nav = new FlexibleNavMaker().make().prependTo('body');
new FlexibleNav(nav);

Also, you can create your own nav links to have more control. You just need to use a “nav” element with a flexible-nav class and a target (e.g: href=”#myTargetId”).

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