Extra useful pack of features for jQuery

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We can all agree that jQuery is by far the most popular JavaScript library out there and it already helps us a lot on minifying and simplifying JavaScript related tasks. But sometimes there are specific actions that jQuery can’t handle and we miss these pieces when developing applications.

Thats why, today I’m going to present you guys jQuery++, a set of DOM helpers and special events that fill up those pieces that we miss. Keep in mind that is nothing related to UI, like jQuery UI or any other library related to that. This only helps you manipulate the DOM more.

jQuery++ comes with some plugins to help you started. Plugins like .animate (uses CSS animations when possible), .cookie and .formParams (serializes form data). There are also events for drag, drop, swipe and many more. You can use each plugin or use a custom-download-manager to pack only the things you need.

Extra useful pack of features for jQuery

Extra features for jQuery

View jQuery++

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