Develop Rich HTML5 Applications with Montage

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Today we present another framework based on JavaScript that lets you develop rich HTML5 applications. The framework uses JavaScript for front-end stuff and Node.js for back-end and it has been designed to allow you to design applications optimized for both present and future devices.

Using Montage, you can build cool UIs for the client and use Node.js to handle data persistence and server-side logic, all of this using only one language and having the ability to have code reuse throughout all stack. Montage comes with features like: components and HTML templates, data persistence, serialization, event management, data biding and more.

By default, the HTML5 application framework comes with the Skeleton theme, a basic neutral-looking theme for HTML5 controls and inputs. Its good for using it as a starting point for creating your own themes, simply modifying the CSS. Skeleton theme aims to provide cross-browser support so you can use it as a fallback.

Develop Rich HTML5 Applications with Montage

HTML5 application framework

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