Customizable in-line editing with jQuery

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Web2.0 means a lot of things but if you ask the common user, he will surely say that Web2.0 means animated stuff, Facebook like editing and adding and everything related without having to exit the page their on. Making your site having options like this could bring you a lot of new users and make the old ones happy.

Today, we will have a small look on Jeditable, a small and useful jQuery plugin which allows you to implement in-line editing. Using just a few lines of JavaScript code, an in-line editing options is made available and simply by clicking on a specific HTML element you can edit them. You can also make text elements editable (e.g: clicking and text element, the text will become a textarea where you can easily change and update the specific text).

The in-line editing jQuery plugin also provides you full control of the Ajax request and by submitting to a function instead of an URL, the passed parameters will become the same as the callback. Jeditable is provided under MIT License so feel free to use it as you want.

Customizable in-line editing with jQuery

In-line edit jQuery plugin

View Jeditable

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