Custom and infinite jQuery slider plugin

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Ok, sliders are a great way to attract user attention and building one is quite easy because there are a lot of full and working jQuery sliders out there. Their main problem is that they come with specific themes and controls and you don’t quite have full control over the jQuery slider.

Sequence is one of those jQuery slider plugins that comes without a default theme, leaving all the control to you. You can add any content to the jQuery slider and uses a semantic markup supporting responsive layouts, touch devices and swiping.

The jQuery slider can have various unique transitions that are build with CSS3 (require modern browsers to work), degrading beautifully on older browsers.

Sequence comes with options for controlling the functionality including the control of prev-next buttons, auto-play (on or off), transition type, default slide and many more. The jQuery slider plugin also provides callbacks for every level of interaction.

Custom and infinite jQuery slider plugin

Custom jQuery slider plugin

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    Great Jquery plugins.As i mentioned in previous comment that i have not found much Jquery plugins but your blog provides some useful ones.Thanks for sharing such useful information.

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