Create gnome notifications easily: Notifier.js

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Notifier.js is a small jQuery plugin for creating non-blocking Gnome/Growl notifications. To make it work you simply need to include the path to jQuery and notifier.js. Supports success messages, info messages, warning messages, error messages, all with or without title. You can also create custom messages easily without having to muddle trough the code.

Bellow is a small example on how to trigger notifications.

// Success notifs
Notifier.success('User registration successful')
Notifier.success('It\'s a boy!', 'Congrats!')

// Info notifs'You have been informed!')'Tomorrow is another day', 'Words of wisdom')

Here’s an example of reducing the default timeout and changing the position of the notifications:

NotifierjsConfig.defaultTimeOut = 250;
NotifierjsConfig.position = ["bottom", "right"];

Notifications example

Create nice Gnone notifications with jQuery

Download Notifier.js Notifier.js Demo

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