Create dynamic character and background animations

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There are a couple of ways to create background animations or character animations and most of them are tricky to do. But, today I present you guys a simpler way to do it using jQuery.spritely, a plugin that allows you to easily create background or character animations in pure HTML and JavaScript. Lightweight and simple, using only a few methods, you can create animated sprites with whatever content you want. A demo can be found here.

The plugin comes with some great advantages. You can use it on any HTML page and any part of the page can interact with a sprite. Works great on iPhones, iPods or iPads. Successfully tested on all major browsers with great response. It represents a great alternative to Flash and being lightweight it doesn’t drain all your connection and bandwidth. Animated objects can also fly above the text of a web page, you could animate a background without effecting other elements and many other great advantages.

Spritely jQuery plugin is totally free being under the same license as jQuery is.

Create dynamic character and background animations

Create dynamic background animations

View Spritely

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