Create a timelinr using the power of jQuery

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Ok, so every site now and then needs a timeline. But why should you keep it boring and web -1.0? :) Well, what I can say is that we are in luck, why? Because has provided us with a great jQuery plugin for creating web2.0 timeliness. The plugin supports horizontal and vertical layouts and you can specify many parameters (options) to it: speed, transparency, if it can be controlled with keyboard keys or even if it’s autoplaying.

Timeliner plugin jQuery options/installation

Well, i’m not going to go trough all the options and HTML stuff because they already have a small tutorial on their website. I’m just going to show you why this timeliner jQuery plugin is so powerful. First of all, to make this plugin work, you just need to include one file (see below)

<script src="js/jquery.timelinr-0.9.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

You can then initialize it using the default options, or you can specify custom options (see below)


         orientation: 'horizontal',
         // value: horizontal | vertical, default to horizontal
         containerDiv: '#timeline',
         // value: any HTML tag or #id, default to #timeline
         datesDiv: '#dates',
         // value: any HTML tag or #id, default to #dates
         datesSelectedClass: 'selected',
         // value: any class, default to selected
         datesSpeed: 500,
         // value: integer between 100 and 1000 (recommended), default to 500 (normal)
         issuesDiv : '#issues',
         // value: any HTML tag or #id, default to #issues
         issuesSelectedClass: 'selected',
         // value: any class, default to selected
         issuesSpeed: 200,
         // value: integer between 100 and 1000 (recommended), default to 200 (fast)
         issuesTransparency: 0.2,
         // value: integer between 0 and 1 (recommended), default to 0.2
         issuesTransparencySpeed: 500,
         // value: integer between 100 and 1000 (recommended), default to 500 (normal)
         prevButton: '#prev',
         // value: any HTML tag or #id, default to #prev
         nextButton: '#next',
         // value: any HTML tag or #id, default to #next
         arrowKeys: 'false',
         // value: true/false, default to false
         startAt: 1,
         // value: integer, default to 1 (first)
         autoPlay: 'false',
         // value: true | false, default to false
         autoPlayDirection: 'forward',
         // value: forward | backward, default to forward
         autoPlayPause: 2000
         // value: integer (1000 = 1 seg), default to 2000 (2segs)

Create a jQuery timeliner

View/Download plugin Demo

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