Asset management helper – Brewer.js

Ok, lets assume you already setup your next project workspace and you are using new and cool technology like Less, CoffeScript, etc and for sure you need something to help you out managing all them files (.less, etc). So, today we going to have a quick look at Brewer.js.

Basically, Brewer.js is a tool that works on node.js and eases all sorts of tasks related to management of styles and JavaScript source files. So, using just a single command, Brewer.js can easily take care of compilation of coffe-script (or iced) source files to JavaScript, compilation of LESS or Stylus to CSS, bundling different files (JavaScript or LESS) into a single file and compress it if you want (maintaining references and their proper ordering). Brewer.js can also watch a directory for changes triggering one or all processes we mentioned above.

To make Brewer.js work, there is only a requirement and that is you need to have node.js installed. There is also a nice documentation page where you can see some examples on how to use it.

Asset management helper – Brewer.js

JavaScript asset management library

View Brewer.js

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