Advanced jQuery tooltip plugin

Usually tooltips are a good and cool way to show specific information about almost any details without destroying your page design. We all know that there are a lot of cool jQuery tooltip plugins out there and most of them are simple and very easy to integrate in your website.

But what happens when you want something custom, advanced and user friendly in the same time? Today we are going to talk a bit about qTips2 (they just updated to version 2) which is an awesome and advanced jQuery tooltip plugin.

The jQuery plugin can easily display the tooltip in any position, works great with maps (Google Maps tested), plays nicely YouTube videos inside the tooltip and can also follow any element you set it up to. The jQuery tooltip can be easily styled up (Themeroller support included) and you can set it up to be modal also!

Besides the Google Maps, Youtube integration, this jQuery tooltip plugin also provides built-in Ajax support with what you can load up remote data. More 3rd party integration plugins are provided on the plugins website. To help you download only what you need, qTips2 can be customized to include only features needed.

jQuery tooltip plugin

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