JavaScript library to access Youtube information

YouTubeVideo is a small and lightweight JavaScript library that can help you get data from YouTube videos easily. As I saw from the Github page, you can extract the title of the video but also the URL for the mp4 video or Web M URL. Unfortunately, the plugin requires both jQuery and URI.js to work […]

jQuery HTML5 Audio/Video Library

jPlayer is a jQuery HTML5 audio or video plugin that allows you to rapidly add cross-browser audio or video into your pages. Providing a great API, the jQuery HTML5 audio/video plugin allows you to create innovative media solutions having the benefit of a growing community for support. The plugin is totally customizable and skinnable via […]

Custom HTML5 video player based on jQuery

Acorn Media Player is a small jQuery plugin for implementing a custom HTML5 video player that focuses specially on accessibility and customization. Therefor, being build with accessibility in mind, this HTML5 video player provides full keyboard control using standard tab-based navigation but also screen-reader support, accessible themes and other nice accessibility tweaks. Acorn HTML5 video […]

HTML5 video subtitles and cue-points done easily

Cuepoint.js is a nice and useful open source jQuery plugin for adding HTML5 video subtitles and cue-points. To make it work you simply need to pass in an object that contains your slides to the cuepoint.init method (keep in mind, that the time is in seconds). See the example bellow on how to add HTML5 […]

HTML5/Silverlight/Windows Phone video player

Microsoft media platform has created a video player framework that supports HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone and other platforms. This video framework is open source and offers a JavaScript API for controlling the player. The API methods are the same for the HTML5 or Silverlight version. This HTML5 player framework has support playlists using an array […]

MooTools Video Enhancement System

Ever wanted a video enhancement system for MooTools? MooVES is here to help. This plugin, allows a preview main video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,, Facebook, Flickr, Google Video, Megavideo, Metacafe, USTREAM, Yahoo Videmo and more. It currently support (still in beta) HTML5 video tag features. The plugin is unobtrusive and displays a link […]

Fluid width video embeds : jQuery

Hey guys. I came across a great jQuery plugin that might help you when using video embeds. This jQuery plugin will help you make your embeded videos width automatically change width depending on the container they are in. This fluid width video plugin is very easy to use and for making it work you just […]