Open Source HTML5 Rich text editor

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Today we are going to talk about a HTML5 Rich text editor called wysihtml5. Coming as an Open Source tool, the text editor is based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. The editor is using a sophisticated security concept aiming to generate fully HTML5 markup preventing inline styles and unmaintainable tags. The HTML5 text […]

HTML text effects done easily

The web is full of effect related jQuery plugins and today we are going to present one as well. This is a HTML text effects JavaScript library that works great alongside jQuery (you can make it work without jQuery but is easier with it). The JavaScript is called Dynamo and provides a dead-simple way to […]

lorem ipsum random text generator: Cupcake

You know that time when you just finished up developing and integrating your design and need some dummy text to check how the layout works? Yes, you probably know. And you also know how sometime frustrating is to have same text for different parts of your site. Well, Cupcake Ipsum is here to help us […]