Easy implement social sharing buttons

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I know I had a lot of problems implementing social buttons and trying to keep HTTP request as small as possible and loading time as well. Recently I came over a cool JavaScript library that does the job good without having me to configure a lot of things. The library is called Socialite.js and was […]

Social jQuery plugin

There are a lot of social jQuery plugins out there that can provide the number of followers and Koottam is one of them. The social jQuery plugin is simple, powerful and elegant and provides various cool ways to display your social link (almost any social service is supported). Koottam is highly customizable providing 10+ options […]

Implement social buttons easily: Socialite.js

Socialite.js is a nice and lightweight plugin that provides a very easy way to implement and activate a plethora of social buttons. You can trigger the buttons to work whenever you want (on document load, on article hover, on any event!). Using this social buttons plugin, your page won’t hand on loading, waiting for 50KB […]