Responsive CSS3 slider with no JavaScript

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Seems that more things that would be achieved using JavaScript can now be achieved quite easily using only CSS3. Today I present such a thing, a responsive CSS3 slider built by Ian Hansson, a designer from London. The slider requires no JavaScript. The slider is similar to JavaScript ones working by floating all the content […]

jQuery slider with huge number of effects

I have presented a lot of jQuery slider plugins on my blog and will keep on doing it so I can make sure I cover every need. Thats why, today I present another jQuery slider plugin called Rhinoslider which is highly flexible and can present any HTML element (text, images, videos, and everything that comes […]

Image slider in jQuery done easily

If you do a simple Google search, you will find out that there are more than a couple of image sliders in jQuery and each of them has its own design and functionality. But sometimes there is the need to create a custom image slider in jQuery, and is preferably if you have a boilerplate […]

jQuery image slider with mouse control

Flow Slider is an image slider based on jQuery that slides on hovering. Depending on the direction of the mouse, it slides left or right. It works by converting an unordered list into a nice image slider. The plugin can be fully customized from design to functionality and provides options for transition type, speed, acceleration, […]

Tiny and simplified jQuery slider

There are a lot of jQuery slider plugins out there and every one comes with different functions and features. Yet, every one ends up using a big transfer size (kb) and this usually hurts page speed. Craftyslide is a jQuery slider that was build to help you eliminate this problem. Having only 2kb and build […]

Image slider with accordion: Slidorion

Slidorion is the perfect jQuery plugin for creating a combination between an image slider and an accordion. Basically, this image slider with accordion plugin displays images along with a custom length description. And more, every image is linked out to each tab. The plugin offers a great range of options like autoplay, easing, effect change, […]