Custom jQuery scroll plugin

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Today we present a custom jQuery scrolling plugin that uses canvas flavored syntax for drawing paths. The jQuery plugin uses the methods moveTo, lineTo and arc and to kickstart you with the plugin and getting the right path, a canvas overlay with the path can be enabled. Scrolling can be done using the mousewheel, using […]

Scrolling with jQuery – Scrollorama

Scrolling with jQuery has never been easy! We present Scrollorama. This scrolling jQuery plugin is a great way to create eye-candy effects in parallel to the scrolling of web pages. By dividing the content into small blocks, the scrolling jQuery plugin allows you to animate elements on the page (when the specific element is reached) […]

Awesome parallax scrolling with Stellar.js

Now normal scrolling is a nice way to go, but if you want to use horizontal scrolling, what you going to use? Stellar.js is a jQuery plugin that provides this functionality (parallax scrolling effect) to any scrolling element. There are a lot of options provided like speed (scrolling speed), ratio or other configurable options. There […]