Responsive grid layout generator

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Responsive grid designs are getting more popular by the day, and its the right thing to do! Responsive design is great to make your website look pretty on multiple resolutions and devices so implementing it on your website should be somehow prior. To help you out a little bit, we’ll talk today about Gridpak, which […]

Build responsive websites using JavaScript’s help

Building responsive websites can sometimes be tricky because you need to create custom CSS conditions for all “@media” queries (I personally, don’t know them all). So, searching around, we found a nice, standalone and very lightweight (under 1kb) JavaScript library for targeting web page designs depending on device or browser size thus making your website […]

Responsive lightweight slideshow jQuery plugin

If you ever needed a jQuery plugin that can create a responsive slideshow using images that are inside a container, then ResponsiveSlides.js is the thing for you. Working with a wide range of browsers that includes IE6+ and adding support for CSS max-width for browsers that don’t natively support it, ResponsiveSlides.js only requires jQuery to […]

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