Responsive grid layout that adapts

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Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t added content lately but I’m kind of working on some mobile themes and a book for faster websites and that kind of took my full free time. I will try to update the blog at least one time/week. Back to our resource, today I have for you a responsive grid […]

jQuery plugin to organize content in a responsive layout

So looking for a plugin related to responsive layout I ended up finding another plugin that seems very helpful and wanted to share with you guys. Freetile, the jQuery plugin allows you to easily organize your content in a efficient, dynamic and responsive way. The plugin can be enabled and applied on a container element […]

Responsive drop-down navigation for mobiles and small screen devices

SelectNav.js is a new JavaScript plugin that lets you easily convert your website navigation into a select drop-down menu. Using this responsive menu plugin alongside with media queries, it helps you create a space saving and responsive navigation for small screen devices. The plugin was inspired from TinyNav.js but it has been rewritten so that […]

Responsive CSS framework with a UI Kit

Gumby is a new and great responsive CSS grid framework (similar to 960px grid system) that is great for developing new projects. Why do I say this? Well, Gumby is a very customizable grid system that without any big effort can be configured to work in any resolution satisfying every need (possibilities are endless, the […]

15+ jQuery responsive layout plugin helpers

I think the title says it all. As I blogged some time ago about a CSS framework for responsive layouts, today we present another post that targets responsive designs. Reminding all what responsive design is in a quickly manner, we can definitely say that responsive websites/layouts allows you to offer a specific and optimized screen […]

CSS framework for creating responsive websites

Responsive design is getting more and more publicity as we speak and every website out there is trying to achieve the badge of “responsive website”. Today, we present a CSS framework to help you develop responsive websites quickly. Responsive GS, a fluid grid CSS framework comes in 3 flavors: a 12, a 16 and 24 […]

Responsive design testing tool

When you create a responsive layout you need to test it on multiple resolutions to see if everything works OK and decide or optimize the content that is displayed in each resolution. is a great tool that can help you in your journey of testing such layouts. You just need to define the URL […]

10 WordPress responsive plugins

We all know for sure that technology won’t stop from evolving and all modern screens (speaking from the readers point of view) can be between a 30″ desktop monitor and a 3.5″ iPhone screen. Usually, most sites use two version of the main site and distribute them depending on the user (mobile or desktop). This […]

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