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Usually, dealing with Photoshop grids is causing a large headache and you need to have nerves of steel (at least this is happening to me). But, it doesn’t necessarily needs to be that way. With GuideGuide, dealing with Photoshop grids has never been easier. Pixel columns, rows, midpoints and baselines can now be created based […]

Easy to use Ajax autosuggest plugin

There are probably a lot of jQuery autosuggest plugins out there, but depending on your functional requirement they might or not be what you are looking for. Today, we are going to preset another jQuery autosuggest plugin that is a little bit different from the others. The plugin is simple to use and light-weight (around […]

Responsive lightweight slideshow jQuery plugin

If you ever needed a jQuery plugin that can create a responsive slideshow using images that are inside a container, then ResponsiveSlides.js is the thing for you. Working with a wide range of browsers that includes IE6+ and adding support for CSS max-width for browsers that don’t natively support it, ResponsiveSlides.js only requires jQuery to […]

Simple inline autosuggest jQuery plugin

jQuery.suggest is a simple and lightweight inline autosuggest jQuery plugin. To make it work you need to make an array of terms as haystack and the plugin will then suggest the user the first item that matches what they have been typed to that point. The suggestion is always updated with every keystroke. Hitting TAB […]

HTML5 inline form validation plugin

ht5ifv is a lightweight jQuery plugin, extensible and highly configurable which allows validation of the HTML5’s forms while the user is still typing. When we say extensible, we mean that because its allowing the programmer to define new restrictions beyond those that are already defined by HTML5. This HTML5 form validation jQuery plugin not only […]

jQuery contextMenu plugin

This jQuery contextMenu plugin was build for web applications that require menus with a large number of objects. Unlike other implementations, this contextMenu plugin treats the menu as the primary objects, meaning that a single menu defined can be used by multiple objects. Also, this plugin doesn’t need to bind itself to trigger objects allow […]

WordPress debug bar plugin

If you are a WordPress developer, you really need this debug bar plugin. I just found it after searching and seeing that there was just only one (strange!). Why do I think this WordPress debug plugin is good? Well, you can instantly inspect global variables (GET, POST, COOKIE, SERVER, etc). You can debug both front-end […]

P2P communications using JavaScript

When you own a big multiplayer site or just a simple site with connexions trough users, implementing a structure to let them chat between, play games or share documents can be quite tricky to do. Peerbind offers a simple solution for this. How? Great question. Peerbind is a new method of event binding that can […]

Usefull WordPress SEO plugins

Hey guys. If you ended up here it means you probably know how SEO can influence the traffic on your website and I want to help you a little bit with that. Earlier this month I’ve already written a blog post with some SEO tips you might find helpful. You can check that article here. […]

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