jQuery pagination plugin – tradpaginator

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How many times have you found yourself coding again and again a pagination controls section for a project of yours? Decide which is the page range that should be illustrated, center the current page within this range, include a jump menu, bind a click action to each button in order to actually do something and […]

jQuery plugin to organize content in a responsive layout

So looking for a plugin related to responsive layout I ended up finding another plugin that seems very helpful and wanted to share with you guys. Freetile, the jQuery plugin allows you to easily organize your content in a efficient, dynamic and responsive way. The plugin can be enabled and applied on a container element […]

Text truncation extension to jQuery – trunk8

Text truncation is sometimes needed to display information in a cool and professional way and most of the time this is done using back-end work and not front-end. Today, I present you guys a jQuery plugin that can truncate text easily (more like a text truncation extension for jQuery actually). When applied to large blocks […]

Make any webpage zoom with Zoomooz

Zoomooz is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to make any element from any webpage zoom-able. You can zoom on image or any other element to show user information in a simple and cool way. You can even zoom to elements that have been translated, scaled and skewed and when zooming they will morph […]

Password complexity jQuery plugin – Complexify

If you own a website that has user registration, you have a small responsibility to tell them how good their password is (strength). I know achieving this is quite difficult and most of the websites out there don’t have implemented this features. Today I’m going to talk about a small and cool jQuery plugin that […]

jQuery calendar plugin by Verbose

Today we provide a sort of calendar JavaScript plugin built with jQuery. Called Verbose Calendar, the plugin provides an easy way of creating calendars that display the whole months, days of the current year. Once loaded, an auto-scroll its triggered to the current day. It also displays the names of the dates when hovered. The […]

Circular jQuery plugin for creating switches

Using this circular jQuery plugin you can easily create beautiful circular switches similar to volume controls. The plugin’s called jQuery Knob and works by transforming any given input field according to the values defined. You can easily drag and drop to change values. You can also use it to define mix or max values, select […]

Social jQuery plugin

There are a lot of social jQuery plugins out there that can provide the number of followers and Koottam is one of them. The social jQuery plugin is simple, powerful and elegant and provides various cool ways to display your social link (almost any social service is supported). Koottam is highly customizable providing 10+ options […]

JavaScript pagination on client side

jPages os a jQuery pagination plugin on the that does all the work on the client side (no server side configuration). The JavaScript pagination plugin presents some cool features like keyboard and scroll navigation, auto page turn, delayed display, customizable navigation panel. The JavaScript pagination plugin detects the number of items and auto creates the […]

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