PHP fundamentals – PHP constants, PHP data types

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Continuing with the PHP fundamentals, first we are going to talk about constants, what they are and what do they do. Basically, they represent memory zones referred by a name which initialized, it can’t change. In PHP, constants have the following characteristics. They are created using “define” which gets 2 parameters. First is the name […]

What is PHP? The Beginnings.

Hey guys. I’ve been so busy lately with some cool projects that unfortunately I haven’t got time to update the blog so often that I used to. I’ve come across some serious problems with the projects and have resolved many of them (I will share with you guys a finished project soon) using stuff I […]

Cool forum software written in PHP and MySQL

I’ve been searching for this kind of Software for a long time and finally, something has been build. I’m taking about a simple forum that you can customize for different niches. The Software is called esoTalk and its free, open-source that is written in PHP and Mysql (meaning it can run and 99% of the […]

Single-file PHP debugger script

Every PHP application you start will surely have a couple of bugs at the end (except if your God or something) and then debugging starts. There are a lot of PHP debuggers out there and they are pretty good also but usually they are hard to install and configure. So, I found an alternative for […]

PHP image manipulation library: Zebra Image

Zebra image is a lightweight PHP library that provides methods for several types of image manipulation. The library doesn’t require any external plugins or any other code snippets using only the GD2 extension (usually PHP comes pre-compiled with this extension). Zebra Image is very well commented and generates no warning, errors or notices when PHP […]

Make PHP classes or methods into REST API

A couple of months ago I was looking for a framework or PHP script that could turn my classes and methods into a RESTful API. Recently I came across Restler (currently version 2.0) and I wanted to share it with you guys. Restler is an open source framework that can turn your classes and its […]

Custom excerpt in WordPress

Excerpt in WordPress has always been a problem. Well, to me at least. In this tutorial I will show you how to build you custom excerpt function in WordPress. To use this you need to have minimal PHP skills and 5 minutes. Ok! Let’s begin. First of all the files you need to edit are […]