Web-scraping framework written in Javascript

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At some point you would probably want to scrap out some information from a webpage. This is quite easy to do using dynamic programming languages (PHP, Java) but not so easy achieving it in JavaScript. Thats why, I think that sharing this JavaScript library is a great idea. Basically, pjscrape (the name of the framework) […]

Interactive guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3

Today I present to you guys an jQuery plugin that uses CSS3 to create interactive visual guides to elements from your website pages. So, instead of cluttering your interface with static help messages, you can easily use pageguide and let users learn about new features and functions the cool way. Pageguide is quite easy to […]

Make any web page annotatable

Today I present you guys a JavaScript library and tool that can be added to any web page and make it annotatable. The annotations themselves can have comments, tags, users and many more. The library was design for easy extensibility so its is pretty easy to add new features or behaviors. The library is well […]

Slide another page content with jQuery

If you have the Facebook app for Android/iPhone you already seen this type of slide in action. PageSlide is a jQuery plugin that allows you to accomplish this sort of slide on web pages. Basically, a plugin that slides a webpage over to reveal an additional interaction page. The plugin itself is easy to implement […]