Easily create QR codes, unique and colorful

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If you have a smartphone and probably all of you have, QR codes are a best way to provide information easily and in a awesome way. There are a large number of online tools that lets you create QR codes and today we provide another one. Most of the tools out there provide some basic […]

Awesome online code playground

Besides jsFiddle (that I personal use), there are a lot of online code playgrounds out there and one of them is Fiddle Salad. This fresh web development tool, is basically and online IDE very useful for client-side web applications. Fiddle Salad allows you to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript code or use alternatives like HAML, […]

Online CSS sprite generator

As a web developer you always try to make your projects perform great (regarding speed, rendering, etc). There are a lot of ways to make a website load quickly providing great performance. Using CSS sprites is one of those methods (reducing HTTP requests thus resulting in faster loading times). In short term, CSS sprites are […]

Dashboard for analyzing website data: Cyfe

If you have a website, you probably analyze every part of it (traffic, sales, social profiles, etc) and pay a high attention to metrics to see if things are performing as expected. All these data are usually found on different applications or interfaces for example Google Analytics for traffic, WordPress Admin panel for comments, leads […]

Online and simple CSS compressor

If you are into great but simple applications, then excssive is one of the sites you might like. Why? Because is hosting a simple but yet very useful drag and drop CSS compressor. The idea of the site is to let you drag into it unlimited number of CSS files and its going to automatically […]

Free online pdf tools you can use

If you are working with documents and especially with PDF files you know that there are a lot of tools out there for manipulating/merging/splitting/etc them. But how about getting all of this actions online and free without installing any software on your PC? You can access this applications anytime and the only requirement is an […]

Free online image optimizer: kraken.io

To create faster loading pages, it’s important to keep every files as smallest as possible (even if the files is a JavaScript one or a simple image). When we export an image from our favorite image editor, we usually play with various variables to make sure they are well optimized for web (optimizing colors, file […]