Render vector maps with jQuery

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Today we present JQVMap, a jQuery plugin that renders vector maps using SVG for modern browsers and VML for all old browsers. The rendering vector map plugin is in fact a modified version of another plugin called jVectorMap and comes with ready-to-use maps of popular continents like USA, Europe, the world itself or Germany. The […]

Map framework for building interactive apps

Kartograph is a map framework for helping you build interactive map applications without using the Google Maps API or any other mapping service. Kartograph map framework was created mainly for designers and data journalists. The core concept of Kartograph map framework is to separate the mapping process (map generation) and the map rendering part. So, […]

jQuery plugin for map actions

jQuery Geo is a plugin that obvious runs on jQuery and provides and easy-to-use API for actions related to map or geolocation. Using the open source map servers (Open Street MAP, WMS and Esri ArcGIS) to get map data, jQuery Geo can show mapping data and handle direct user interaction with the map but also […]