Easy handle keyboard shortcuts with JavaScript

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If you are using key combinations on your website that triggers custom AJAX requests, effects or any other things, than you surely need to manipulate the keyboard. To help you with this, today we present Mousetrap, a standalone library that has no dependencies and is quite lightweight (only 1.4kb minified and gzipped). Current browser support […]

JavaScript URL manipulation library

URL.js is a small but awesome JavaScript URL library for working with URLs. It provides a jQuery style API (meaning that it has a fluent interface, method chaining) to read and write all regular components and number of convenience methods including .directory() or .authority(). This JavaScript URL library offers a simple but yet powerful way […]

PHP image manipulation library: Zebra Image

Zebra image is a lightweight PHP library that provides methods for several types of image manipulation. The library doesn’t require any external plugins or any other code snippets using only the GD2 extension (usually PHP comes pre-compiled with this extension). Zebra Image is very well commented and generates no warning, errors or notices when PHP […]