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When ending up on a webpage, you don’t usually find the link for going on every time (at least I don’t) and you keep pressing up the ctrl+f combination to find it. TypeLink, a mini pure JavaScript library can help your users find links on your webpage easier with a nice effect without using the […]

JavaScript Notifications For Bootstrap Or jQuery UI

Every website needs notifications at some point. Even if you don’t have an user based system you surely wanted to make notifications to capture your users/visitors attention. Today, I present you guys a JavaScript notification plugin that works great with Twitter’s Bootstrap or jQuery UI. The notification plugin was designed mainly to provide an unparalleled […]

JavaScript framework similar to CoffeScript

Similar to CoffeScript, LiveScript (the library we are presenting today) is a language that compiles down to JavaScript forked from Coco which is derived from the know JavaScript library CoffeScript. Being similar, LiveScript is relatively straightforward mapping to JavaScript but much more compatible with CoffeeScript, more functional and more feature rich. The main goal of […]

HTML canvas library for easy implementation

HTML Canvas library is a very lightweight and standalone JavaScript wrapper for the native HTML5 canvas element that helps by simplifying the creation of animation and visualization using canvas. The library comes with easy to use and consistent methods that can help you achieve or handle task like animation with framerate control, cross-borwser keyboard/mouse and […]

Standalone library for JavaScript notifications

There are a lot of ways to do browser notifications. You can use the default browser notification popup, and you can also use the jQuery UI way. But if you don’t have any JavaScript frameworks included in your projects than Smoke.JS is the thing you need. This tiny JavaScript library works great as a replacement […]

Emulate HTML5 audio in all browsers

If you want to use the full power of HTML5’s audio tag, then Audio.js is the JavaScript library you need. It easily allows you to use the “audio” tag anywhere. Its Using the “audio” native tag where available and an small invisible flash player for browsers that don’t support it. The JavaScript audio library also […]

Modern JavaScript date library – xDate

There are a lot of JavaScript date library out there and most of them are not updated to new technologies that’s why today we present XDate. The library is a thin wrapper around the JavaScript’s native date object and provides functionality for JavaScript date parsing, JavaScript date formatting, JavaScript date manipulating and setters and getters […]

Graph JavaScript library – Morris.js

Morris.js is a graph JavaScript library that generates beautiful time-series data and can do this based on just a few lines of code. Morris.js is very lightweight! The graph JavaScript library is built on top jQuery and Raphael can simply displays data over an interactive line graph. The library also provides a API with a […]

HTML5 motion with KinectJs

Ok, surely most of us have xbox or playstation at home for chilling stuff, and if you have xbox, you might have Kinect also. Today I’ll show you a small but awesome JavaScript library called KinectJS that allows you to control different stuff using the new power of HTML5 (you must have Kinect). First, lets […]

HTML5 Chart & Graph OpenSource creator

Being a new and awesome technology, HTML5 offers some great features but also inspires programmers to create awesome libraries and frameworks for it. Today we are going to have a look at Flotr2, a HTML5 chart library that is both awesome and Open Source. In fact, Flotr2 is a fork of flotr but without the […]

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