Simple inline autosuggest jQuery plugin

jQuery.suggest is a simple and lightweight inline autosuggest jQuery plugin. To make it work you need to make an array of terms as haystack and the plugin will then suggest the user the first item that matches what they have been typed to that point. The suggestion is always updated with every keystroke. Hitting TAB […]

jQuery contextMenu plugin

This jQuery contextMenu plugin was build for web applications that require menus with a large number of objects. Unlike other implementations, this contextMenu plugin treats the menu as the primary objects, meaning that a single menu defined can be used by multiple objects. Also, this plugin doesn’t need to bind itself to trigger objects allow […]

Youtube video as page background: jQuery

Tubular is a small weight and fun jQuery plugin that allows you to set up any YouTube video as the page background. You have some basic controls you can use like play/mute, mute or stop video. To make this plugin work you simply to add a jQuery line code on your page and specify the […]

jQuery plugin for creating nice hovercards

This is a neat jQuery plugin! Hovercard is free, light weight, runs on jQuery and enables you to display related information with the hovered label, link or any other HTML element that you want. Why is this plugin so cool? Well, it smoothly fades the name into a hovered card (in place), uses minimum CSS […]

jQuery HTML5 mobile framework

Seems that mobile market is getting larger and larger everyday and mobile optimized websites has become a need. To accomplish this kind of website that is optimized for major mobile OS’s you definitely need a nice framework to do all the major things for you. jQuery mobile framework has just announced their first stable release […]

CSS3 transitions and transforms with jQuery

As we all know, CSS3 transitions or transforms provide a huge range of animating possibilities on HTML elements. But if you want to achieve this CSS3 transitions or transforms using jQuery, then you certainly need jQuery Transit. This plugin will help you implement CSS3 transitions and transforms. Having the same syntax as “.animate” this plugin […]

Build floating/sliding panels with jQuery

Portamento is a small jQuery plugin upon you can build floating or sliding panels on your websites. To make it work, this jQuery plugin requires just a small line of JavaScript and some simple CSS rules and your good to go. Portamento supports both floated or absolutely-positioned layouts and currently support all modern browsers (and […]

News ticker using jQuery: The Plugin

I think every sites needs a good space to show off the latest news. But, doing this is a professional way is even better. Today will discus about jQuery News Ticker (the plugin). Main features about this plugin include buttons (can be customized) for prev-forward intro news, play or pause controls and a couple of […]

jQuery countdown plugin for your project

Well, from now and then everyone needs a countdown timer on their website (at least I used it a couple of times), and if you have a nice and simple plugin that does this job for you it’s even better. Today, we will take a peak at jQuery countdown plugin. Basically, this does all the […]

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