jQuery slider with huge number of effects

I have presented a lot of jQuery slider plugins on my blog and will keep on doing it so I can make sure I cover every need. Thats why, today I present another jQuery slider plugin called Rhinoslider which is highly flexible and can present any HTML element (text, images, videos, and everything that comes […]

jQuery thumbnail creation with jQuery NailThumb plugin

NailThumb is a jQuery thumbnail plugin that can easily allow you to create thumbnails from high resolution images without any distortion using just a line of code. The thumbnail dimensions can be directly chosen from CSS, integrating perfectly with any media gallery. The jQuery thumbnail plugin is useful even in dynamic web application where cropping […]

jQuery file upload with progress bar and preview

jQuery file upload is a ready to use file uploading widget that works with any server-side platform including PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Go, Node.js, Java, and anything else that supports the standard HTML form for uploading files. The jQuery file upload plugin comes with support for multiple file selection, drag&drop and offers progress bars […]

Slide another page content with jQuery

If you have the Facebook app for Android/iPhone you already seen this type of slide in action. PageSlide is a jQuery plugin that allows you to accomplish this sort of slide on web pages. Basically, a plugin that slides a webpage over to reveal an additional interaction page. The plugin itself is easy to implement […]

jQuery plugin for working with tables – jTable

jTable is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create Ajaxed, feature-rich CRUD interfaces using little effort. The jQuery table plugin automatically generates all the HTML needed and uses jQuery UI for adding and editing dialogs. All the records can be easily browsed with an Ajax paginated system and they can also be sorted (server-side) […]

jQuery HTML5 Audio/Video Library

jPlayer is a jQuery HTML5 audio or video plugin that allows you to rapidly add cross-browser audio or video into your pages. Providing a great API, the jQuery HTML5 audio/video plugin allows you to create innovative media solutions having the benefit of a growing community for support. The plugin is totally customizable and skinnable via […]

jQuery slideshow plugin – Camera

Today we present a jQuery slideshow plugin called Camera. Whats different from other plugins you ask? Well, mainly the fact that this jQuery slideshow plugin is also responsive. Slides can easily contain any HTML element (images, text, etc) and the jQuery slideshow will do the rest displaying all in a good looking interface using some […]

jQuery notification plugin: Noty

I wrote a small article about gnome jQuery notifications a couple of weeks ago and the plugin did its job pretty well, but today I found another cool jQuery notification library that I want to share with you all. The jQuery notification plugin is called Noty and provides serious of options you can chose to […]

jQuery tooltip plugin: Poshy Tip

Not long ago, I was searching for nice jQuery tooltip plugin for a project that I’ve worked on. Found many, but none that I could use for more than one functionality (tooltip for links, inputs or on demand). Recently I found an awesome jQuery tooltip plugin called PoshyTip that offers a lot of customization parameters […]

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