Tooltip your images with iPicture

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Ok, so I did a small search and saw that there are a lot of image tooltip plugins and most of them work on hover and retrieve information from the HTML alt tag. The fact is that this image tooltip plugins don’t offer a lot of configuration options and mainly they just display a small […]

PNG image optimizer for Windows OS

There are a lot of online image optimizers out there, but mostly of them are online. What happens when you are working on an offline project and you need to optimize some PNG files? Today we present PNGGauntlet, a free PNG image optimizer for Windows OS. Having a nicely done drag and drop interface, this […]

Image slider in jQuery done easily

If you do a simple Google search, you will find out that there are more than a couple of image sliders in jQuery and each of them has its own design and functionality. But sometimes there is the need to create a custom image slider in jQuery, and is preferably if you have a boilerplate […]

JavaScript image preloader for HTML5

PxLoaded is a nice but awesome JavaScript library that gives you the option to download images, sound files or anything before you can take a specific action on your site. You can use it as a JavaScript image preloader for your HTML5 applications. It let’s you monitor the download status providing progress and completed events […]

jQuery image slider with mouse control

Flow Slider is an image slider based on jQuery that slides on hovering. Depending on the direction of the mouse, it slides left or right. It works by converting an unordered list into a nice image slider. The plugin can be fully customized from design to functionality and provides options for transition type, speed, acceleration, […]

Zoom into images easily: PanoJS3

You sometimes need to make some images bigger or simply zoom on them on click or any other action. PanoJS3 is a JavaScript widget that can help you achieve this. Basically, this widget stitches up together a set of images and afterwards presenting them with panning and zooming support. This can be very useful for […]

Image comparison using JavaScript

Did you ever wanted to get the differences between to images fast? Probably not, but I think in the future you might want to. This is when IM.js comes in. This JavaScript library can help you find the differences between images quickly. The library scans the images you added pixel by pixel using HTML5 canvas […]

Free online image optimizer:

To create faster loading pages, it’s important to keep every files as smallest as possible (even if the files is a JavaScript one or a simple image). When we export an image from our favorite image editor, we usually play with various variables to make sure they are well optimized for web (optimizing colors, file […]

Image slider with accordion: Slidorion

Slidorion is the perfect jQuery plugin for creating a combination between an image slider and an accordion. Basically, this image slider with accordion plugin displays images along with a custom length description. And more, every image is linked out to each tab. The plugin offers a great range of options like autoplay, easing, effect change, […]

Soft Image Transition using CSS3

Usually, making transitions on images required some JavaScript skills to accomplish. But, with the new CSS3 code that just arrived, you can do this very easily without JavaScript. Keep in mind that I’m not the one who build this, but found it interesting and wanted to share it with you. Denis Bobrovnikov did this great […]

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