Develop Rich HTML5 Applications with Montage

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Today we present another framework based on JavaScript that lets you develop rich HTML5 applications. The framework uses JavaScript for front-end stuff and Node.js for back-end and it has been designed to allow you to design applications optimized for both present and future devices. Using Montage, you can build cool UIs for the client and […]

Library for interactive HTML5 visualizations

Hey guys, sorry for not posting recently but I’ve been off. Had a small vacation. Back to today’s resource. I present a library for working with interactive HTML5 visualizations called Envision.js. It comes with 2 chart types (TimeSeries and Finance) and has a great API for developers to build custom charts if needed. The library […]

JavaScript UI framework for HTML5 mobile apps

Like other JavaScript UI frameworks, Mobello (the framework we have today) in an open source framework that tries to simplify the development process of creating HTML5 mobile applications. The application aims to provide a native experience being optimized for mobile and providing over 20+ UI components widely used. There is also a IDE (Mobello Studio) […]

Assembler for HTML5 applications – Brunch

If you develop HTML5 applications you need something to wrap all the files fast. This is where Brunch comes in. An lightweight approach to building HTML5 applications with emphasis on elegance and simplicity. Basically, a great assembler for HTML5 applications. Brunch is agnostic when it comes to frameworks, libraries, programming, stylesheets, etc. To simplify everything, […]

Open Source HTML5 Rich text editor

Today we are going to talk about a HTML5 Rich text editor called wysihtml5. Coming as an Open Source tool, the text editor is based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. The editor is using a sophisticated security concept aiming to generate fully HTML5 markup preventing inline styles and unmaintainable tags. The HTML5 text […]

jQuery HTML5 Audio/Video Library

jPlayer is a jQuery HTML5 audio or video plugin that allows you to rapidly add cross-browser audio or video into your pages. Providing a great API, the jQuery HTML5 audio/video plugin allows you to create innovative media solutions having the benefit of a growing community for support. The plugin is totally customizable and skinnable via […]

HTML5 reset template version 2.0

Most of us developers start projects over and over again using the same HTML5 template including the same HTML and CSS files and forget about best practices. Now, that modern browsers are starting to support new features from HTML5 and CSS3 technology, its time to change our default template also. For those who don’t know, […]

HTML5 motion with KinectJs

Ok, surely most of us have xbox or playstation at home for chilling stuff, and if you have xbox, you might have Kinect also. Today I’ll show you a small but awesome JavaScript library called KinectJS that allows you to control different stuff using the new power of HTML5 (you must have Kinect). First, lets […]

HTML5 compatibility chart by HTML5 Please

HTML5 is a new technology and staying up-to-date with it sometimes might be pretty hard. Well, not anymore. HTML5 Please, an interactive compatibility chart of HTML5 and CSS3 features is here to help out. Basically, using a smart search bar, you can filter trough results (browser/device support) and see what HTML5 or CSS3 elements or […]

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