HTML canvas library for easy implementation

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HTML Canvas library is a very lightweight and standalone JavaScript wrapper for the native HTML5 canvas element that helps by simplifying the creation of animation and visualization using canvas. The library comes with easy to use and consistent methods that can help you achieve or handle task like animation with framerate control, cross-borwser keyboard/mouse and […]

HTML text effects done easily

The web is full of effect related jQuery plugins and today we are going to present one as well. This is a HTML text effects JavaScript library that works great alongside jQuery (you can make it work without jQuery but is easier with it). The JavaScript is called Dynamo and provides a dead-simple way to […]

HTML content filler with dummy text

When designing new themes or templates, you definitely built up the HTML first and afterwards implement it in your custom CMS. But, in this process of designing, you need some dummy content to fill up your page to see how it looks like. Fixie.js is an open source tool that can help you with this, […]

Cross-browser HTML skeleton for faster coding

To kickstart your development process, you definitely need a template to get get you started. We already talked about some bootstraps already which might come handy. Today, we’ll take a look at an alternative named HTML KickStart, that contains a HTML skeleton, CSS and jQuery powered toolkit to help you create any type of layout […]